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"I am writing to praise your site, site builder software and interface. It makes things so much better for fine tuning one's site after initial build and uploading . Good stuff all round. Why ain't everything on the net that easy?" Andi

"I am a Graphic Designer who has worked in the print industry for the last 10 years. I've always been intimidated by web design, but with your program I can look like a pro!" Richelle

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The Easiest Flash Website Builder on the Market! You can have your Website up and running in less than a few minutes with the ultimate webpage maker, and then you can customise it to a unlimited degree to create your unique business or homepage website. Start your free webpage maker trial now. You can begin by selecting one our beautiful pre-loaded design templates. With the selections available you can easily find the template that best matches the purpose of your site, such as business, homepage, sports, media site, game site, music band site, etc. There are hundreds of different starting points and where you take it from there is your choice. If your super creative you can even choose 'blank' to start from a fresh canvas. There are unlimited pages available in your package and you can always or change anything on any of the designs once you've began. You can also upload your own photos, audio and video. You can also add any number of our other advanced features, including; Photo galleries Media music players Ecommerce tools (PayPal) Chat rooms News feeds Website counters Events calendars And much more…